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United States Coast Guard
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I served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1970 through 1977
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USCGC Balsam
Crew working a shore aid in northern Alaska,
summer of 1971
A little snow shoeing anyone?

USCGC Balsam WLB 62
This Buoy Tender was Built in 1942 in Duluth
Minnesota by the Zenith Dredge Company
and was decommissioned on 6 March 1975 
and sold for scrap on 13 September 1977
I have heard that the Balsam is now 
the "Baronoff", converted to a Bering Sea crabber.
Its good to know she's still plying her old haunts.
USCGC Balsam
Sea Buoy waiting to be re-set after scrapping, painting, etc,
Ever been a tube man?
USCGC Balsam WLB 62
Home Port - Adak, Alaska

San Francisco Chronicle
Any of you old coasties want to go 
in together and buy this old gal?

USCGC Balsam WLB 62
The Balsam, docked in Adak Alaska,
Mr. Dillon wasn't responsible for even
one dent in her.
The Big Black Beauty
Tight Quarters
In the crew's berthing area aboard the Balsam
It was like the penthouse suite at the Aladdin!
Coming ashore to work a shore aid
Now,...mabey I can quit Ralfing
How many of you have been to the Elbow Room?
In the ice pack, calm, but noisy!
Bristol Bay 1971
One of the spoils of visiting Dutch Harbor
A case of beer and some King Crab!
Another fine day in the Aleutians
Would you like to see more of the
Check out Russ Marvin's web site
The Aleutian Traveler
Taking a break on the fantail
"All we need is an Oly"
SK1 York left
Anchor Detail
Lower Away Together!
BM1 Tuitasi in charge of launching Balsam 3
Bm1 York, SA Davis, and 
FA Brokenshire with grins on their faces.
Week two of three, working aids to navigation along the northern coast of Alaska,... yeh, we're having fun!
The Balsam, in port, slinging a little Red Lead
Flying Bridge and Flying Gulls
SK1 York

From the Fan Tail Looking Forward
On the way to ATTU 1965
Photo Courtesy of
Rodney Shupp
Mannheim, PA
Pt. Conception
Pt. Conception Light House
16X20 Oil
$350 Unframed
Any of you guys out there been stationed there?
A little touch up!
You had to like these little boats.
CGC 30408
1972 LTSTA Escanaba
Tracen Alameda
O.K. , Yes , I went there.
USCGC Balsam
USCGC Balsam at anchor off Nome Alaska
around midnight, summer, 1971
"I wished I were at the Board of Trade"
Escanaba Museum


Newspaper Clippings couresy of Ed Stephens of Ohio, one of my old ship mates!

Escanaba SAR
THE 40300

She was my favorite of all of the small boats I was on,... I know, ...so ugly, only a mother could love it, or a Boatswainsmate! But spent allot of hours on her!
And it steered just like a 180 Ft. Buoy Tender.



USCGC 40300
CG 40300 Group Soo Ste. Marie, Nov. 1975
This was one of two prototypes of the 44 footer
Built in 1939
The 40300 was attached to LTSTA Escanaba

St. Martins

St. Martins Island LTSTA